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Social security insurance, benefits and healthcare rights in the European Economic Area and Social security agreements between the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries


If you are going to live or work in another country in the European Economic Area (EEA), or a country which has a social security agreement with the United Kingdom (UK), you might be able to get

This is because you may be covered by the "European Community rules on social security", generally contained in EC Regulation 1408/71 (EC Regs), whilst in an EEA country or by the social security agreement which the UK may have with another country.

This section explains what you may be entitled to in each country in the EEA or in a country that has an agreement with the UK. Check the list of countries to see if the country you are going to or coming from is in the EEA or has a social security agreement with the UK.

If you are coming from one of these countries you might be able to get a benefit from that country or a benefit the UK provides.

The EC Regs and agreements mean that you will be treated in the same way as people living in the country to which you go in respect of the matters covered by the EC Regs or any agreement. It also means that when you move from one country to another you will be able to keep rights to some of the benefits that are based on the insurance you have paid.

These pages also tell you what medical services you may be able to get in the country you are moving to.


We have made every effort to ensure that the information was correct when it was last updated. The information only offers you general help and does not cover every possible situation. You must not treat it as a complete and authoritative statement of the law. In the event that anything on this site is different from a provision of the agreement between the UK and another country, or any other legal provision, the terms of the agreement or provision will apply.